SEDT- Smooth Edge Deburring Tool

The SEDT tool utilizes the same operating principle as the proven Burraway and Burr-Off products. SEDT is designed primarily for the deburring of holes in both angled and elliptical surfaces while also applicable to holes in flat surfaces.

SEDT cutters are carbide with TiN coating as standard. SEDT cutters are crowned and polished on the top surface to insure that the cutter will not mar the inside surface of the hole. SEDT cutters are replaceable and cutter pressure is adjustable without having to remove the tool from the machine.

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Cogsdill Micro Limit Tool


The MICRO-LIMIT is a precision depth-control countersinking tool. The tool consists of a drive with a piloted countersink and a depth control adjustment feature.

The tool is pre-set to the desired depth of cut. The selected setting is locked in for accurate and consistent results from part to part.

The pilot is engaged in the hole. A stop collar seats on the face of the workpiece; the tool advances to countersink the hole to the desired depth.

The Micro-Limit drive is designed and built for rugged production work. The thrust load is taken up on ball bearings through a hardened steel stop collar. The drive shaft rides on needle bearings. This design makes our drive the longest lasting in the industry.

Three drive models cover a wide range of hole sizes. Adjustment is in increments of .001 inch (.025mm).

Cogsdill Ellipti-Bur Tool


The ELLIPTI-BUR® is designed for deburring irregular hole surfaces, such as those which are generated by drilling into curved surfaces, or by drilling at an angle. The ELLIPTI-BUR enables the user to perform these difficult deburring operations quickly and accurately, and without jigs, fixtures, or special operator skills.

As the pilot of the tool is located in the hole, the tool is seated and centered. As the tool is advanced, the pilot is forced into the tool body against the shank spring, and the blade comes into contact with the edge of the hole. As the tool continues to advance, the pilot is further pressed into the body and the blade is driven into the workpiece.

The blade remains free to react to the irregular surface geometry of the hole, allowing for both radial and axial displacement- radial displacement resulting from the elliptical shape of angularly-drilled holes, and axial displacement (“rise and fall”) from the saddle shaped configuration of holes drilled in cylindrical surfaces.

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Cogsdill NoBur Tool

Nobur® Tool

The NOBUR® Tool is a manually actuated deburring and chamfering tool for use where production requirements are low. The tool is used on multi-walled parts and on intersecting holes. It will remove severe burrs and will produce non-qualified chamfers. The tool body pilots in the hole to be deburred. A quick-action sliding sleeve extends the retractable, double-edged cutting blade to deburr or chamfer the front, back, or both sides of holes, in one pass of the tool.

Since the tool is manually actuated while the spindle continues to run, there is no “on-off” down time.

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Cogsdill Flipcut Back-spotfacing Tool


The Flipcut™ tool is designed to perform back-spotfacing or back-chamfering operations in one set-up. The cutter extends, with right-hand rotation of the tool, to cut the back spotface or back chamfer. Left-hand spindle rotation initiates positive mechanical closure of the cutter; the closing action is assisted by centrifugal force. When the cutter is fully enclosed within the arbor pocket, the tool can be easily withdrawn from the bore.

The Flipcut™ tool is designed for rugged use on all types of plant equipment and in all kinds of manufacturing
environments. Tools for hole sizes from .312 inch and above (inch program) and tools for hole sizes from 8.00mm
and above (metric program) have internal coolant capability.

Flipcut™ cutters are a brazed carbide design. Steel body absorbs shock. The brazed carbide Flipcut™ cutting edge
dissipates heat, for outstanding cutting performance.

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