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Flipcut Stock Program

Now stocked to suit holes and back-spotfaces for industry-standard bolts, nuts, and washers

We are pleased to introduce a new stock program for Flipcut™ Back-Spotfacing and Chamfering Tools. Selected sizes, suitable for holes and back-spotfaces for industry-standard bolts, nuts, and washers, are available in both inch and metric on a delivery basis of “stock to three days.” NOTE: This is NOT a new Flipcut tool design. The stock program offers tools of the current design, in selected sizes, with a faster delivery.

New brochure depicts stock program

The Flipcut Stock Program brochure depicts the selected sizes available in the new stock program. Due to the interchangeability of arbors and cutters, an additional range of sizes is also available from stock as noted on page four. The Stock Program brochure is intended as a supplement to our full Flipcut catalog (current edition no. 043 U.S. 2-07 attached), which presents the entire standard tool range. Improved Flipcut deliveries for selected sizes. We have found it difficult to commit to short delivery times when manufacturing Flipcut from blank or semi-finished stock. In an effort to improve deliveries, we have developed this stock program for selected sizes. Other sizes, manufactured from blanks, will be delivered in three to four weeks; specials will be delivered as quoted.

New Flipcut pricing supplement

A supplemental price sheet (no. 078A) for the entire Flipcut product offering is enclosed. Please note that Flipcut prices, including prices for the stocked sizes, have NOT been adjusted. However, in the new version of the pricing we have clarified some past confusion over whether or not “arbor only” includes hardware; arbor prices are shown in the new supplement with and without hardware. The new supplement also includes prices for complete tools, whereas formerly arbors and cutters were priced separately. The new pricing supplement should therefore supersede the pricing shown in our full Price List no. 078.

Bulk shipments of new literature to sales agents

A starter supply of the new Flipcut Stock Program brochure and of the new Flipcut pricing supplement have been forwarded to Cogsdill sales agents and to authorized branch offices. (We are assuming that you already have a bulk supply of the full Flipcut catalog on hand; if not, contact Marketing Services.)

Encourage your customers to utilize the new stock program

Please encourage your existing Flipcut customers to buy stocked tools wherever possible. Flipcut is predominately used for clearance-bore applications. So your customers currently using a size outside of the stock program parameters may be able to convert to a stocked size and take advantage of the faster delivery. Please contact your regional sales manager, or Customer Service Manager Chuck Kannisto, if you have questions or comments about the new program. Contact Marketing Services Supervisor Wendy Blair for additional copies of the new Flipcut Stock Program brochure and pricing supplement.

We hope the new stock program will help us serve you and your Flipcut customers more effectively!

David Lopes Vice President Sales & Marketing


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