Offering Engineered Solutions to Fit your needs

The automotive industry has been a major part of Cogsdill’s customer base since the company was founded in Detroit in 1914. We partner with automotive companies and suppliers on a worldwide basis, offering standard and special solutions for machining operations ranging from simple to complex.

In addition to the application examples shown below, Cogsdill offers solutions for machining engine blocks, steering housings and components, torque converters, water pumps, valve bodies, transmission cases and hubs, clutch housings, universal joints, rear axle differentials, crankshafts, and more.

Automotive Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Heads

  1. Machining camshaft bores on machining center line: Shefcut short-length pad-guided tool semi-finishes and finishes first journal. Piloting in finished first journal, Shefcut long-length pad-guided tool semi-finishes and finishes remaining journals.
  2. Machining camshaft bores on transfer line: Shefcut pad-guided tool, piloting in precision guide bushing, semi-finishes and finishes all journals.
  3. Shefcut precision boring tool machines valve guide and valve seat bores.
  4. Shefcut precision boring tool machines lash adjuster bores.
  5. Shefcut precision boring tool machines water outlet bores.


Connecting Rod Application

Connecting Rods

Wrist pin bores on connecting rods can be finished with any of three solutions from Cogsdill: Shefcut pad-guided precision boring tool, or either of two burnishing tool designs, Bearingizing or Roll-a-Finish tool.

Crank bores on connecting rods are best finished with Shefcut pad-guided precision boring tool: radial forces are kept to a minimum, ensuring no cap-to-body separation, while producing quality bore.


Piston Application


Wrist pin bores in pistons can be finished with either of two solutions from Cogsdill: Shefcut pad-guided precision boring tool with extended-length guide pads (in order to pilot in one bore as the other is finished) or Bearingizing tool

Internal grooving of wrist pin bores in pistons with Automatic Recessing tool.


Oil Pump Application

Oil Pumps

Many different Cogsdill tools are applied on this one component:

  • Rough-boring tool machines bores from cast condition.
  • Shefcut precision boring tool finishes critical bores.
  • Generating Head performs boring, facing, and chamfering operations.
  • Automatic Recessing tool machines back-chamfers.
  • Burraway tool deburrs front and back corner breaks on drilled holes.


Automotive Brakes Application

Brake Systems

A variety of solutions for machining master cylinders, wheel cylinders, and brake calipers: